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This page is dedicated to the many new testimonials of how NewLife CBD has truly helped others with their alignments of all kinds. Read below:

2 oz 500 mg CBD dosage of NewLife CBD


Ron Baker

30 year mechanic, applied some to his hands, his quote, "my hands have never felt this good five min. after applying the NewLife CBD cream.



"The hemp cream that truly makes a huge difference, I applied some to my inflammed sinus cavity, took away the pain plus reduced the swelling. Thank you NewLife CBD"  Hemppie



Ron Berry

He had a sore knee from a hike with Hemppie, after applying this hemp cream, Ron said, "The pain just went away!"  Another time he had a pain in the elbow and after applying this cream, he said, "it's amazing how the pain just disappears after application. this was my second time using NewLife CBD."


Gary Simpson - Owner Ace Hardware Alton

87 year old Gary Simpson was against the CBD when I first arrived in the small town of Alton, MO. However, experiencing shoulder pain that would not release, I took him some cream. After a few months went by forgetting I had given him the cream, Gary said, "The cream works, NewLife CBD cream has moved my pain out of the shoulder and he begin lifting his arm up and down. It took the pain away."  Thank you Gary for sharing and be such an amazing person!

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